Operations Centre

The core of our security services, excellent technological centre where only the most competent and professional operators work

In the Operation Centre specialized operators work 365 days/year H24, using the most modern technologies and platforms: this is what makes our surveillance network efficient, ensuring cover and security on the territory where we operate.

An Operation Centre enable us not only to organize a prompt intervention in case of alarm or other problems, but also represents a valid prevention element.

High security area, where only authorized personnel can access to, and always after the due standard control procedures. The building itself is certified according to the norm UNI CEI EN 50518:2014.


The Operators

They are authorized and armed security guards having a particularly relevant experience in the field of technological security. Their task is to monitor and manage the systems connected with the Operation Centre, the alarm signals and the malfunctioning, following detailed security procedures.

It is the perfect mix of timing and intervention, always in coordination with our patrol on the territory and the local police authorities.

Their continuous training and their high preparation level make them able to handle every kind of situation, emergency, support request or telephonic remote assistance.

Whether the problem concerns homes, businesses, firms, vehicles, people in danger, our operator

  • Identify and evaluate the alarm or the emergency
  • Inform the interested party
  • Organize a prompt intervention, in coordination with the closest patrol
  • Alert the police forces, the ambulance or the fire fighters
  • Draft a report about what happened

The Technology in the Operation Centre

Based on a solid IT infrastructure for the acquisition, storage, management and processing of data and communications, our Operations Center is able to coordinate all the services in the area, determining management priorities in line with an optimal assessment of the degree of risk. This allows high level precision within the definition of the degree of criticality of any event to be managed.

The systems used in the Operation Centre are designed with high-performance, multi-vector, multifunctional and modular hardware and software architecture for the management of events and signals.

They have a Client / Server structure, capable of receiving, archiving, cataloging and protecting data.

This architecture guarantees greater stability and reliability.

System highlights:

  • Multivectoriality, multifunctionality and modularity;
  • Fully remotely managed system;
  • High performance hardware structure;
  • Client / Server architecture;
  • Management of data and reports from various locations;
  • Over 1,000,000 efficiently managed month events;
  • Management structure enriched by a series of integrated and optional services.

The system is highly technological, fast and safe in communication with powerful verification elements for detecting audio and video intrusion, and allows Operators to identify with certainty what happened in the place concerned and to quickly activate the assistance service in case of necessity.

Our Operations Center has acquired particular experience also in the centralized control of important retail chains. It is thanks to this experience acquired in the field, and to the knowledge and/or practices shared with the internal security departments of the retail companies, that we have been able to customize a procedural system that has significantly limited theft and/or damage to the structures.

The management systems dedicated to the reception of alarm reports have been implemented with particular success thanks to software that can also remotely control the layout of each alarmed site. This update is not only particularly high-performing, but also allows us to remotely intervene and reset and/or exclude individual sensors. This activity is particular important in order to avoid malfunctions that could cause thefts/ damages, and unnecessary and/or expensive additional services such as inspections on request, with a reduction of the number of false alarms.

In addition, for customers who request it, the Operations Center also operates actively in the satellite surveillance sector with maximum Vanini level 6 certification of compliance, to protect vehicles on the road throughout the European Union.

The consolidated professionalism and competence of our operators and the high quality standard of the hardware/software management structure allow us to globally and constantly manage any alarm and/or anomaly event to protect the safety of our customers’ assets.



The Operation Centre is part of the integrated management system UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management Systems), UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management Systems), BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series).

It respects all requirements established by the Italian Ministerial Decree 269/2010 and operates in compliance with the norm UNI CEI EN 50518: 2014 (Monitoring and Alarm Management Centres).

According to the Scala Vanini evaluation, the Operation Centre has obtained the highest certification possible, Level 6, related to the activities of satellite localization and tracking.