A network of reliability

Reliable partners

Team CDO uses reliable foreign partners, selected over time, and able to guaranteeing services with high added value on an international level, to offer comprehensive security advice from design to service delivery, anywhere in the world.


From 1947 CDO is a member of what we know today as International Security Ligue, an advisory body (as an NGO) to the UN and the EU.

Südtiroler Ronda
Reality of excellence market leader in Trentino Alto Adige, specialized in security services for businesses, homes and places frequented by citizens.

Specialized in the services of international remote surveillance and satellite localization.

Civis Polska
Group security company CDO that operates on Polish territory.

Civis Paza
Group security company CDO that operates on Romanian territory.

Umbrella Group
Company specialized in the services of Travel Security internationally, for the protection of personnel, assets and know-how in HRA (High Risk Areas).