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Find the office of Cittadini dell’Ordine closest to you

Reference Operational Centers

Torino (TO)

Via Ippolito Nievo 25
10153 Turin (TO)
T: 011 9063221
F: 011 9004370

S. Vittoria d’Alba (CN)
SS 231 Loc. Guriot 10 / A
12069 S. Vittoria d’Alba (CN)
T: 0172 479363
F: 0172 479585

Asti (AT)
Corso Alessandria 460
14100 Asti (AT)
T .: 0141 1853480

Milano (MI)
Via Bisceglie 74
20152 Milan
T: 02 4152100
F: 02 48012667

Trentino Alto Adige:
Bolzano (BZ)
Via Lancia 6/A
39100 Bolzano (BZ)
T: 0471 930477
F: 0471 934222

Emilia Romagna:
Cesena (FC)

Via Dell’Arrigoni 60/120
47522 Cesena (FC)
T: 0547 313404
F: 0547 317507

SLIDER BIG Satellite tracking and surveillance

Cittadini dell’Ordine in Europe

Civis Paza
Strada Carol Knappe 83
Bucureşti, România
T. + 40 21 311 1440

Civis Polska
Ul. Ostrobramska 91
04-118 Warsaw, Poland
T. + 48 22 870 29 50

Umbrella Group Ltd
Valletta Buildings, Second Floor, Suite 7
South Street, Valletta, Malta
T: (Rome) +39 06 6832760
T: (Turin) +39 011 5618442