Satellite localization and remote surveillance

The highest degree of protection to protect drivers, vehicles and goods transported

Thanks to our internal division, identifiable with the historic brand Servim, CDO is able to offer an advanced satellite localization and remote surveillance system international. These are ideal services for multiple sectors (from freight transport to automotive, from agriculture to the social sector), which guarantee the safety of drivers and vehicles in viaday, allowing to optimize costs and resources in the management of road handling.


Our services include:

  • Localization via WEB portal for real-time viewing
  • Door control passenger compartment access
  • Driver assistance (anti-aggression, anti-robbery)
  • Logistic assistance, with control of routes / routes and management of areas / targets
  • Consumption management (controls on fuel consumption, digital tachograph chrono management)

Our strengths

log 150 years
log 150 years

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