We have always been involved in initiatives and projects with a great historical and cultural relevance. Every year the coin of a commemorative medal and the print of a calendar celebrate historical events or characters connected to our cultural, religious and military tradition.
  • Calendar

    We accompany clients and fans every day of the year with our calendar, a result of the artistic work of modern graphic designer and illustrators celebrating crucial cultural and historical moments of our history.
  • Medal

    Since 1970, when our company celebrated the centenary of its foundation, CDO coins every year a silver and bronze medal to commemorate historical, cultural, artistic or religious events particularly important in the Italian history and tradition.
  • Diary

    Produced according to processes that totally respect the environment and using recyclable materials, our diary aims to celebrate and remind every day of a theme very dear to us, the theme of environmental protection and love for the nature.
  • Comic Strip

    This is pure fiction, a fantastical way in order to explain and describe our ideas and our objectives. We would like to involve young people and awake their interest in our business and activity: comic strips can represent the mean through which we can communicate with them.