Cittadini dell’Ordine, the first private security company in Italy and Europe, was conceived and founded in Padua on April 30th 1870 by Giuseppe Lombardi with the name of Fattorini Notturni Privati.

This was the debut of private security companies: soon, in fact, the growing demand for private property protection determined by the continuous industrial development ensured the services provided by our company to be requested in a increasingly larger area.

Security companies were founded in Venezia, Turin, Milan, Genua; here in 1901, during the Regional Exhibition, we were awarded with the Silver Medal.

Cittadini dell’Ordine, at this point a vital part of the civil life, was entitled the right to carry weapons, becoming object of a specific legislation.

During the Second World War, Turin City Council and the Province Administration appointed Cittadini dell’Ordine to protect the makeshift shelters and public air-raid shelters, also the largest one in Piazza Castello square; despite the destruction of the company’s offices, the security services were always carried out with the usual competence.


An Unstappable Growth

After the Second World War, under the leadership of Giuseppe Cremonte Pastorello and then of his son Alessandro, a new period of development and innovation began for our company: the services became more and more specialized, in order to guarantee the security in different fields of the market. Next to the surveillance service for the industrial facilities, in 1947 we founded the Investigation Section, which, 2 years later, was equipped with a sub-section specialized in hotel security services.

In the same year we were selected as the sole Italian representative to form part of the Ligue International des Sociétés de Surveillance (today International Security Ligue), NGO advisory body  at UNO and EU, and our leader Giuseppe Cremonte Pastorello became Vice-President in 1959.

We opened new headquarters in other cities: Novara, Alessandria, Milan, Crema and Asti.

We promoted the first national category association, and in 1948 A.N.I.V.P. was founded (Associazione Nazionale Istituti di Vigilanza Privata – National Association of Private Security Companies).

In the 1960s we provided services more and more complex, as the organization and the management of every security services for the celebration of the 1st Centenary of the Italian Unification, and carried out relevant technological innovation: the first Radio Mobile Divisions were set up in Turin and Milan.

In the 1970s we had to deal with the new specific demand of security determined by the terrorism that afflicted our country in this decade, so we inaugurated in Milano the first tele-alarm system connected via reserved telephone cable: the old “Uffici Comando” were transformed in the modern Operations Centers.

In these years we started to organize the very first armored transport vehicles for the valuables escort services.

Since 1978, when the Diocese of Turin and the organizing committee appointed us the project, the organization and the management of every security service inside the Dome, we have been honored to participate to the Ostension of the Holy Shroud.

In the 80s and 90s we worked hardly to increase the typology of the furnished services and to consolidate the brand “Cittadini dell’Ordine”. The technological contribution became increasingly fundamental next to the human one.

In the early 2000s we started a reorganization process intended to give priority to more productive areas and services and able to address a market more sensitive to service quality. We stepped up our commitment in the management of subsidiaries, exporting successfully our experience  in other countries.

Today, thanks to our subsidiaries in Europe, Cittadini dell’Ordine is a modern organization in a broad international perspective.